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Baby Shoes


Baby shoes of the Highest Quality for Girls & Boys

Baby Shoes from Preschoolians have become the foremost brand because of its dedication to providing the most comfortable, most flexible, highest quality product possible. Baby Shoes that actually fit your child well are extraordinarily difficult to find. But Preschoolians baby girl shoes and baby boy shoes are renowned because they not only mold to fit your child's foot, but also offer a variety of unique materials to provide the utmost in comfort for baby shoes. Rather than just provide soft sole baby shoes, Preschoolians makes sure that every baby shoe size is fitted with a soft 'footbed' to absorb surface shock while your child is walking, a Dri Lex layer to wick away moisture, and a thick heel pillow to make every step cushioned.

Preschoolians is different from every other company on the market because we go to incredible lengths to make sure you order shoes that fit your child. We guarantee you a proper fit and will give you all the instructions and tools to determine your child's size and shoe requirements from your own home. We have a variety of tools that you can use to measure your child's feet to assist you in selecting the proper size and style of baby shoes. Our tools include our e-Photo Fit system, Visu Fit clear window on the bottom of each shoe which allows you to see exactly how the shoe fits, inches-to-Preschoolians conversion table and Accu Fit Measuring Device.

Baby Shoes by Preschoolians will also be easy to maintain. All are machine washable and dryable, so you can regularly clean out the perspiration left by your child's young feet without having to constantly hand wash and hand dry baby shoes. Should you require shoes for your child, you can also speak to our customer service representatives about the scuff-free Kids will be Kids Leather we use which can be machine washed and machine dried and will not scuff.

Preschoolians is famous for its superior customer service. All of our professionals are trained to give you top-notch service and ensure that you order shoes that will truly fit your child, last long, and ultimately bring you back as a lifelong customer. Give us a call today and give your child the gift of comfort in his or her baby shoes.

Baby Shoes - Suede Soled Moccasins?

Every day customers ask about the suede soft soled and sole baby shoe moccasins they see around made by companies like, Robeez, Bobux, Jack and Lily, Shoo Shoos and yes Preschoolians. Our answer to the question always convinces people why Preschoolians makes the best baby shoes in the world. Our answer is as follows:

Your question about the baby shoe moccasins that you have seen around is an excellent one and we want to explain properly and why we asked the questions that we did.

1) The soft baby shoe moccasins that you have seen around have grayish suede bottoms on them. These are made by probably over 30 companies including Preschoolians. As a matter of fact you can view our Look Who's Crawling Baby Shoes

2) We differ from every other company that makes these soft sole baby shoes in a fundamental way. We do not suggest these are used for outdoor use once the child is pulling up, standing, cruising or walking. The reason is that this suede bottom will not protect against:

a) Sharp objects like glass, nails etc that can injure the foot
b) Objects like rocks, tree roots etc that will not injure the foot but will cause pain
c) The weather like the cold, the heat (hot surfaces over the summer can be very uncomfortable), the rain, snow
d) Wear and tear; the suede does not hold up to outside use

Other companies that make the suede bottom soft baby shoes do not offer any other products so while they do not actively suggest the suede for outdoor use, they do not say or do anything to suggest against it.

3) We make a product called I'm Walking Barefoot

The difference between I'm Walking Barefoot Baby Shoes and the suede bottom soft sole baby shoes described above is the following:

1) I'm Walking Barefoot baby shoes substitute a thin rubber bottom for the suede; the construction is still moccasin where the upper is stitched to the bottom without glue
2) The thin rubber is virtually as flexible as the suede bottom and offers protection from the above important issues
3) We separate the foot from the thin rubber bottom with a footbed (same as used in athletic shoes) which cushions the foot from objects that could cause pain

There are many terms that are used when describing what footwear is best for a young child's foot:
Baby Shoe: A shoe for a child birth to 24 months of age
Baby Shoes: Shoes for children birth to 24 months of age
Infant Shoe: A shoe for a child birth to 12 months of age
Infant Shoes: Shoes for children birth to 12 months of age
Toddler Shoe: A shoe for a child 9 months to 30 months of age
Toddler Shoes: Shoes for children 9 months to 30 months of age
Soft Sole and Soft Soled: Shoes for babies, infants and toddlers which have soles which are soft to the touch
Flexible: Baby Shoes which can be made into a ball in your hand
Best: Baby Shoe which simulate being barefoot
Wide: Baby Shoes which can fit a wide child's foot
XW: Extra wide

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