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Barefoot Flexibility

Preschoolians is Better than Barefoot Child Toddling in Preschoolians Video Child Walking in Preschoolians Video

100% of pediatricians suggest that if possible a child would go barefoot- however they also note that it is not possible as a result of sharp objects like glass, rocks, tacks, tree roots or even toys on the floor- so a shoe which is very flexible is needed.

This is why Preschoolians invented the Learn to Walk footwear construction. Our shoes are manufactured in a proprietary manner. We stitch the uppers of our shoes to the bottoms without the use of glue or other hardening agents. Further we do not wrap the leather of the upper underneath the shoe.

At Preschoolians we strive to make shoes JUST LIKE BAREFOOT. Other companies strive to make shoes flexible. There is a major difference. This difference leads many people within the footwear industry to say our shoes are too flexible. We laugh how can a shoe be too flexible (we ask) particularly when everyone agrees we would go barefoot if we could. See our photo below which shoes our shoes are actually covering the foot to protect it from the elements rather than add support or structure.

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