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A Short Note About The E-Mails Below


Within Preschoolians much discussion has centered around how many complimentary e-mails we should display. As you read below, you will probably believe we displayed all of them; in fact we left out hundreds that say very nice things, but just not to the extent of the e-mails below. The reason we listed more than a few is that we strive to be among the best in the world with respect to overall buying experience and the compliments below give an idea on just how hard we do try. Please rest assured that every one below really came to us, we never, ever solicit these e-mails and we will never, ever let these compliments go to our heads. We will always be here to serve you. Finally, if you have an experience that does not satisfy you, please be sure to let us know at or call 1-800-998-1322 and we will make you happy; we guarantee it!

I wanted to write this email to thank you for your wonderful customer service. I received a pair of shoes for my daughter today. I had ordered a pair of sandals which were not in stock. I had hoped to have them by the time I went on vacation. Laurie answered my call was very polite and understanding. My order had said that it had been shipped although it hadn't been do to a computer error. She found me a pair of shoes that were in stock and sent them to me within a day of my call. Laurie is great. She is patient and helpful, everything that you can hope to receive in customer service. You now have a loyal customer and I will be sure to tell everyone with toddlers about Preschoolians. And now my daughter has her shoes for our beach vacation in three days. Thank you again. Silver Spring, MD

Dear Customer Service
I have to say a few hours after we put on her new Preschoolians, she made her first steps. That shows that your shoes are the best! We are all very happy, and that's why I would like to continue buying your shoes.

Barbara Smilovic

Your response and concerns are remarkable and I acknowledge your wonderful customer service. I would love a replacement pair! We have not tried the boots yet as you inquired in the previous email, b/c I purposely ordered them a size larger.

Do you need anything else from us at this time?

Sincere regards,
Torrance, CA

Below please find a picture of my one year old TODAY twin girls. Thank you
in advance for your discount; I have to say, I really like the approach of
your company, the style of your shoes and what I have read about your
customer service. I will surely pass the information on and I know a LOT
of twin parents!

Thank you again
Portland, OR

Thank you for your prompt and kind reply! I have already put a notice on the
twins website which I frequent about your wonderful customer service and the
discount you offer. I look forward to shopping when they go to sleep!

One question: is this a one-time offer? Just want to know as I plan my


Hello. I have just received my son's first pair of Preschoolians. I
had been courting your website and company for a few months now.
Initially I was a little deterred by the price tag. However, I have to
say that these are by far the cutest, most comfortable, most flexible
and BEST shoes I could have ever bought for him. He did not even
complain when I put them on. I look forward to purchasing some other
styles in the future. Thank you for existing and making his transition
into shoe wearing so easy!

James Joon's Mom,
Laurel Maryland

Thanks so much to your customer service people who helped me choose a shoe for my daughter’s extra wide foot. She’s only 14 months old but wears a size 6 XW, which is almost impossible to find in any store except for Stride Rite. It’s nice to have another option for her, and I think the shoes fit a lot better than the Stride Rite shoes because they are adjustable. My daughter is now running around the back yard in her new Preschoolian sandals.

Thanks again,
Valencia, CA

I wanted to write just to give you some feedback on your product that you may find useful.  We have 2 pair or your shoes for our son; the old school low tops and the sport stretch slip-ons.  I think your shoes are awesome.  We get compliments on them everywhere we go.  I have recommended you to several of my friends.  Our son loves wearing them and has no trouble walking in them at all.  He is 15m and has only been walking a few months now.  You shoes make it much easier.  They are great shoes and we will continue to buy more as he grows.

Michelle Schrock


Thank you very much for the fast response.  This is the best customer service I have ever received!
If these shoes work out for my son, then I would definitely be a return customer...

Thanks again,
Luan Do


Thank you for your generosity.  I really appreciate the new slippers   and the discount. Amazing.  Again thank you for your great service and your wonderful shoes.

Marla Vender Rasmussen


Thank you very much for the information on my order.  I am a very loyal customer and always appreciate the service and immediate feedback I receive from Preschoolians.  We will continue to order shoes through you as long as they fit our children!

Katie Woodard


I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to enter your photo contest. I'm really happy that you liked the photo of my daughter and choose it as the winner. We are looking forward to choosing a pair of shoes. My daughter loves them and so do I! We are very happy with your shoes, and the great customer service that goes along with them!

Thank you so much!
Sommer Willis


So good to hear from you!!! I was just speaking to one of your representatives a couple of days ago asking about the larger sizes and how helpful you've been. I am VERY excited about the new shoes! Phoenix is still in her very "last" pair and I've been worried that there would be a lapse between her outgrowing them and the new ones being released. Do you still need "testers"? :) I swear, I feel like I work for you guys, I'm always talking about Preschoolians! I've already got two other families hooked on them too. I'll have to go through my recent pictures and submit some for the contest. One of these days we're going to win!


It's so nice to hear from you, I hope you are doing well. Your web-site updates are fantastic, with the changing shoes (with the flashing stars between them, I know, bad description but you probably know what I mean) and the design-your-own templates. I remember waaaaaay back in the day, it doesn't even seem like the same company! I tell everyone that besides the shoes themselves, my favorite thing about you guys is how much you are totally psyched about your products and include your customers whole-heartedly. If I wasn't a stay at home Mama, I think I would love to work with you guys (I'm an artist by the way, if you ever need ideas!). :)
By the way, I'm always confused with your sizing numbers, I know- by now I should get it- but the new sizes, what are the equivalents? Like what US size or age are they going to go up to? I'll keep her in Preschoolians forever if I can! People always marvel at her balance and sure-footed-ness (that's probably not a word) and I say it's because she's never been in hard shoes and I totally believe it!
Thanks SO much for the update, let me know if you need any test feet, we'd LOVE to help out! :)
Your friend,
Lindsey Edwards

You are awesome to work with… I hope you all are coping with all the (post) holiday mess. I think you are doing a great job!
Too cool! Thanks! Your company really is into pleasing its’ customers J I hope to not need to contact you again until we need new shoes J
Colleen Knox


Dear Preschoolian Shoes Staff,
I have purchased shoes from you in the past (using your TERRIFIC multiples discount) for my twin toddlers. Often, they are complimented on how cute their shoes are and I just love how they allow my boys to still walk as if they weren't wearing shoes. I recently ordered a larger size in the Running Jumping Barefoot series. Because I was leaving to go on vacation and there was a delay at the factory on items that were supposed to be shipped next day, I spoke with Helen who was able to assist me. Helen helped me place another order for 2 new pairs that would arrive in time for our departure. Not only did Helen efficiently and professionally offer suggestions and solutions, she kept her word and the shoes arrived here today. Let's just say my boys haven't wanted to take them off since they saw them!
To top it off, I was incredibly impressed that for my inconvenience, I was not charged for the two new pairs of shoes. Talk about great customer service response! Please rest assured you've kept this customer for life... I look forward to purchasing more shoes for my current and future children!
Thank you so much for all of your help.
Jennifer Morelli

Jeff: Thanks again for all of your help. Everyone that I have told about my conversation with you (including my mother-in-law) has been very impressed with the level of customer service and the time you took with me to explain the situation. I am looking forward to receiving the new shoes and referring all my friends with babies to Preschoolians.

Arcadia, CA 

I did place an order. I just got them. I have never seen my kids so excited for new shoes. My 3 yr old, who was in nikes for 9 months and previously was in robeez is dancing and prancing and laughing. Neither child wants to take their shoes off and we never wear shoes in the house!

Fresno, CA

Hello! I received the shoes, they are great! My son LOVES them, and that IS saying a lot, he hates all shoes!! Thank you so much. I have one question though, how do I send back the other pair? I was under the impression that there would be a return label in with the new shoes. But there was nothing. Please advise. Thanks again, they are wonderful!!

Stratford, CT

I just received my first pair of Preschoolians for my daughter. These are the most fabulously-made baby/toddler shoes I have ever seen! I thought perhaps they might be a cheaper version of the Robeez or Platy Paws companies, but they are far superior and aren't even in the same category. What amazingly detailed shoes, right down to the baby-soft inner leather. What a deal for $30. (If only I could get the sport mary jane in a women's 8 1/2!) I'm not joking-- these shoes are the BEST. Anyhoo, unfortunately, I ordered a size too big. I ordered a 23 red sport mary jane and I would like to exchange them for a 22 please. And your return policy can't be beat. Thank you.

Portland, ME 

I would like to request that you make I'm Walking Barefoot shoes in bigger sizes. I would like all my children to have shoes like these.

San Francisco, CA

Thanks for the reply! It worked – I greatly appreciate your help, your great customer service and great shoes!

Circle Pines, MN

Our last order was sent to us around 2-5-05 which hasn't been even three months ago. I just wanted to let you know. We love your shoes and will purchase again. Her foot isn't to the order new shoes line yet. And when your larger sizes come out we will be looking at those for sure. Will you all be offering any type of water shoe for summer?

Lewis Center, OH

I guess I would just like to return them then, because they really do not fit her foot well at all(but she does need the 19 for length) I ordered a pair of the houdini sandals yesterday so hopefully those will do well and I can just use those as her dressier shoes . Thank you so much for your help. Know that I have loved her tennis shoes and am still very happy with your product. I have a really hard time finding shoes for myself so I don't expect that her feet are going to fall far from the tree! If you will just send me the label I will try to get them back to you today. Also, I am looking forward to the 3 strap sandals coming out, but do you think if I did not have success with the party that the sandal will be too wide as well? I am hoping that I could just adjust all of the straps maybe? Thank you again so much!

Buford, GA

Hello! I am very happy with the new shoes, they fit very well my daughter. I have doubts about sending you the bigger pair. Should I use the plastic pouch that came with the new (smaller) ones and put it inside the paper envelope? Is that it? The original cardboard box doesn't fit inside the envelope.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hi, I just received my daughter's first pair of preschoolians and I had to write. They are WONDERFUL, MARVELOUS AND I AND SHE LOVE THEM!!! You have a customer for as long as her little feet will fit in your shoes!! I was very reluctant about buying off the internet but I was so pleasantly surprised. The shoes are absolutely precious and they are so well made! Much cuter than the pictures show. She was so adorable stomping and running in her new sandals. I plan on letting all my friends know about this wonderful product. I only wish you sold in stores, just so more people could be exposed to them. Thank you again, and we look forward to our next pair!

McCalla, AL

I want to thank you for helping me purchase Preschoolians shoes for my twin boys. I absolutely love the shoes!!!

I "chatted" with you online and you were kind enough to give me a twin discount and help me buy the correct size. If you recall, I told you that I had tried all different brands, including Robeez, Bobux and ShooShoos, all without success. Your shoes fit the boys perfectly, they have very wide feet. They are cruising well and beginning to take their first steps and the shoes seem very comfortable for them. Also, everywhere I take the boys, people comment on how cute the shoes are!

When will the 2 or 3 strap sandals be available? My family is planning a beach vacation at the beginning of August and I would love to have those sandals for the kids!

Also, could you give me more details about owning/operating a Preschoolians store? I think the Washington DC metro area would be a great place to open a Preschoolians store, it is an affluent area and I think a store would do really well. Thank you again for your help and for your wonderful shoes!

Washington DC

Dear Friends at Preschoolians,

We received our order and are very very happy with our new shoes. The kids immediately started dancing and I'm not kidding or exagerating. In addition to saying "Thank you ," once again , I'm sending this note to receive a return shipping label. We were sent an extra pair of shoes. We received 2 pairs of the brown and tan Nubuck shoes. I would be happy to send them back or to give them to a friend to try. Please let me know which you would prefer.

Folsom, CA

We have been buying shoes from your company for about a year now and LOVE them. The customer service has also always been awesome - I can't say enough about how happy we are that we stumbled across your site on the internet.

Victor, NY

We tried your suggestion of putting in the narrow insole and had the baby stand and the size of the Beach sole seems to be fine. We've also grown accustomed to the primary colors ( I guess everything shouldn't be pink!) So we'll just keep what was shipped. We really like these shoes so far, as the philosophy is right up our alley, and we found our daughter's feet hard to fit in other types of shoes. We will definitely be purchasing more as she grows. Thank you for your prompt attention and suggestions. You should open a store in Madison, WI. People here just love products that are designed from research!!

Madison, WI 

I have been very happy with my two pairs of Preschoolians shoes and, unlike most shoes; they fit my son's feet very well. Moreover, I've had a great experience working with your company to get the shoes just right. I appreciate all you did in making sure that I was a satisfied customer. And, while I am not one to give out my friends' email addresses, I was pleased to recommend your shoes to my friends in the email message attached below. I blind-copied everyone, so the list of recipients is hidden, but I sent this message to about 30 of my friends. I hope it results in several more sales for your company. In addition, I will continue to recommend your shoes to anyone willing to listen.

Washinton, DC

Thanks for that and for giving families of multiples a great discount- many stores give nothing. I’m not surprised you had to reduce it but as I said still a great discount!

Lawthorn, Irvine, UK

Thanks so much for taking care of this. Yours is the best customer service I have ever encountered. And your shoes are wonderful. My son Akshay loves to wear it even inside the house and all the time!I am glad I had an opportunity to shop at your company. I have been spreading the word of preschoolians among my friends. I am really that impressed. Thanks for making the shopping experience really memorable. Have a good day !

Lexington, MA

Hi William and Jeff, Wanted to let you know that Sylvie's shoes arrived early this week. They are gorgeous - absolutely love the new styles. Thanks for your help with my problem. Look forward to seeing and ordering the summer sandals when they are ready!

Mendham, NJ

A quick note to let you know how happy I am with your service and, of course, your shoes. My daughter's new "I'm walking barefoot" mary-janes arrived this morning and we both adore them. Before Preschoolians she had consistently worn soft-soled moccasin-type shoes, indoors and out. When we tried to transition to hard-sole shoes (Stride Rites, no less), she clumped around the house in them and pleaded with us to take them off. For the last several hours she's been walking happily and comfortably in her new Preschoolians. I am a convert.

Once again, I thank you for your great service and for your fabulous shoes. We are heading out for a walk in the park.

Pittsburgh, PA

We received both pairs of Preschoolians shoes and as a first time buyer, I had the attitude, "it's worth a try." I am pleased to report that I am thrilled with the quality of craftsmanship, design, comfort and wearability. Yesterday my grandson and I watered the flowers. When we finished the job, I noticed his shoes were also watered. I was prepared to change them. After removing them, I inspected the inside and they were dry!

Additionally, my grandson is very particular about his shoes. We have purchased numerous pairs from other well known companies and at 17 months, pushed them away refusing to leave them on his foot. Not so with your shoes. Thank you for taking pride in your product and knowing children so well.

Idaho Falls, ID

We bought Rachel a second pair sometime in Feb/March I think. Every mom who sees her in her shoes wants to order a pair for their kid! Rachel loves her sport stretch slip on, they look like rock climbing shoes to adults.

Manhattan Beach, CA

Just wanted to tell you that I'm so glad to have found your company. I was going to buy robeez but was not 100% confident bc of the soft sole issue (what if it rains, what if it's rocky, etc.) You have solved this issue and on top of that you have a number of other great additions (see- through sole, 3 different widths, easy return policy, and super cute styles!). I received my order yesterday (ahead of schedule!) and love the shoes. The fit is great and they seem very comfortable. I will be sharing your website with my friends. Thank you - you've done a great job with your company!

Milford, MA

I am writing to confirm that yes, these are the "best baby shoes in the world"! Our 16 month old son has Muscular Dystrophy and cannot tolerate to wear shoes- except the soft-soled kind. We have been struggling trying to find a shoe he will not fight us to put on and wear outside. All of the other shoes have resulted in our son having leg and/or foot cramps- even after wearing for only 20 minutes. Not only did our son enjoy having us put on the new pair of Preschoolians- but he paraded around the room showing everyone his feet. He has worn those shoes everyday now for a week- even sometimes falling asleep with them on- this has never happened before. We just want to personally thank your company for turning what was becoming a nightmare into a match made in heaven! We are singing your praises everywhere and are so excited that we will actually be able to purchase dress shoes, tennis shoes and sandals for our son. God Bless!

Bowling Green, OH 

Dear Mikhaila, Thank you for your honesty and generous offer! Actually my daughter has become quite attached to the red Preschoolians that she has been wearing, so can I give you a new size at the end of the summer when she will probably be ready to try on another pair? Since she is already quickly outgrowing her red pair, I hate to guess at her shoe size so is it okay if I ask you to ship the second pair in a couple of months? Thanks in advance.

Also, is there somewhere I can put the good word in for your business and web site, other than maybe the Better Business Bureau? I am very impressed with your company, and this doesn't come often in any of the children's companies I have come across (especially in the Babies/Toys R Us/Stride Rites of the world).

Clarendon Hills, IL

Hi Mikhaila: thank you for the Bow in the Cover My Foot sole. They're so comfortable for him around the house. If he never got too warm, they'd never come off! The design is very cute, even when you can't see the entire face of the dog. It will be nice when he has a pair to wear outside these rainy spring days. Thanks again for your great service!

Emerald Hills, CA

Thank you, Mikhaila. That's very thoughtful. I'm happy that the loop on his new shoes helps Guy's very, very wide feet get into them. I am particular about shoes partly because my parents were very particular. Until I was seven it was always a saddle oxfords in blue or black or brown and white. They were hot in the summer. Tennis shoes - thin soles back then - were thought to have too little support, but I'm sure I would have liked that better.

San Francisco, CA

Thank you for your email. As a matter of fact, my daughter, for whose baby I ordered the shoes, called me last night and said a half dozen moms at day care asked where she got them! The baby loves them. I must compliment the genius who figured out the peek-a-boo toe on the sole. That's incredible...wish I'd thought of it 30 years ago! We'll send you pictures sometime for your web site.

We are satisfied customers and will certainly be a return customer. I've also shared this information with my sister who has a new grandchild.

Franklin, TN

I called yesterday to inquire about ordering a pair of the sport lace IWB in white with light blue accents (instead of navy or pink). Michaela (whose name I hope I spelled correctly, and who was VERY helpful) told me that the supplier would have to be contacted to determine the availability of such a color and that I would be e-mailed yea or nay when the supplier replied.

I joined the e-mailing list on the 17th and received a 20% newcomer discount code, but realized that as I have been deliberating (ok, agonizing!) over the best shoe choice two weeks has gone by already! Since I have not heard back about the availability of the light blue leather, I was wondering if there was a chance the code could be extended a day or two. I am definitely ordering a pair, but am waiting on that information before placing my order. So might a short extension be feasible?

I do apologize for my inability to make a decision leading to an inconvenience for you! Thank you for your time!

Peru, NE

I just rec'd the shoes yesterday and they are adorable. We can't wait to get the bigger size. We put them on our 1 yr old son yesterday and the snap button worked well on the shoes. It keeps his feet securely in the shoes and its easy for us to use the snaps to take the shoes on and off. We have not expose Cole to shoes until now. He has only been wearing socks. We have tried to put shoes on him before (other brands) but he doesn’t like the feel of the thick sole under his feet. He expresses is discomfort by trying to get the shoes off and screaming to let us know that he wants them off. Yesterday was the first time he wore a pair of shoes for a couple of hours (without screaming) and they were preschooliam shoes (of course). He didn't want me to put the shoes on at first b/c he doesn't like the feel of wearing shoes, but as soon as they were on and he stood in them, he was fine. The super soft nubuck leather and the soft sole really made a difference in his acceptance of these shoes. Thank you Jeff for custom making these shoes for us. We love your shoes and will recommend them to our friends and family. Hope to order more preschoolian shoes in the future!

Franklin Lakes, NJ

Thanks Mikhaila! You guys are the coolest, I tell everyone how wonderful P'sc'ians are! (just wish your name was shorter, lol!) The other shoes are

Nashville, TN

Just wanted you to know my Houdini Mary Jane's are great!! She has been able to get them off once or twice but that is a huge improvement from the Robeez. And I think it was because I didn't make them tight enough. So it was human error, not the shoes fault. They are just so cute!! I love them!! Just wanted you to know they were worth the wait!!!

Westminster, MA 

Thanks so much for correcting this problem. The style that broke was the indoor version of the party Mary Janes, but she will be walking soon so I would like to get the same style made for walkers. Thanks again. I will continue to buy your product because of the great customer service.

Atlanta, GA

Dear Mr. Weiss,

I apologize for it taking so long to get back to you after the shoes arrived. But you see he has been running in them every since. These shoes are every bit as good as I thought they would be. He loves wearing them and they fit beautifully and look so good. I will definitely be ordering from you again. I will also be recommending them to every parent that I meet. Thank you again for the free shoes. I plan on ordering them soon as well as another pair. These are the best baby shoes EVER!

Bakersfield, CA

Thank You Very Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a first for me, I don't think their is any other shoe store that could beat you're customer service, trust me I have shopped at many online stores and I always get the run-around when something goes wrong. I really appreciate the way you go out of you're way to keep in good stands with you're customers.

Chicago, IL

Dear Jeff, Sorry to see you're phasing out the larger size shoes. My son Frankie still loves to wear them. I'm stocking up on the next 3 sizes from the close-outs, and I'll miss them once he outgrows these! Thanks for making such great shoes!

Walnut Creek, CA

Thanks for the response- I just received the shoes today! You guys are GREAT! Right on time!!! They are adorable. Thanks again. We love the shoes!

Winter Park, FL

Thank you - I can assure you as long as Emma's feet will fit in Preschoolians you will have our business...

Richmond Hill, GA

Now that I've finally received my initial order, I can see why Preschoolians have been so highly recommended. The pair we received is well-made and fits nicely. And I appreciate the offer of a complimentary pair of shoes since my order took so long to arrive. I would like the Cover My Foot Bow Wow Suede Bottom Navy Nubuck in Size 22. Please let me know if you need me to send you my mailing address or if you have it on file.

I'm very pleased with these shoes, and I look forward to purchasing more, especially when my son is ready for the I'm Walking Barefoot versions.

Thank you for your excellent customer service. Despite the shipping delay, it's a pleasure to order from a company so dedicated to customer satisfaction. I think it's wonderful that you include a measuring device with the shoes and do so much to make sure that returns and exchanges are easy. I will definitely be purchasing more Preschoolians in the future and recommending your company to my friends. Thanks very much!

Bath, PA

Hello! Thank you so much for letting me know the status of my order and especially for the discount. I love the personalized service I have received from you company and will continue to tell all my mommy friends about your wonderful business. Thanks again and have a nice day!

Fort Collins, CO

I wanted to write this email to thank you for your wonderful customer service. I received a pair of shoes for my daughter today. I had ordered a pair of sandals which were not in stock. I had hoped to have them by the time I went on vacation. Laurie answered my call was very polite and understanding. My order had said that it had been shipped although it hadn't been do to a computer error. She found me a pair of shoes that were in stock and sent them to me within a day of my call. Laurie is great. She is patient and helpful, everything that you can hope to receive in customer service. You now have a loyal customer and I will be sure to tell everyone with toddlers about Preschoolians. And now my daughter has her shoes for our beach vacation in three days. Thank you again.

Silver Spring, MD

I just love your shoes!!! I have bought a pair for each of my boys and they have outgrown them. They are 18 month old twins. They were premature and one of them just started walking a little over a month ago. I put a different kind of shoe on him today and he had such a difficult time walking in them. Your shoes make it soo much easier for him to tweak his walking skills. I have been asked by soo many other moms where I got their shoes from and I always rave about your shoes and tell them how to buy them. I even told my table of mothers at our local Mother of Twins Club meeting about your shoes. I hope that they are able to find your site and enjoy your shoes as much as we have.

I was wondering if you offer your twin discount for first time buyers only or if I can use it again? I have to buy them new shoes now, and all the shoes I find in the stores just don't meet all the requirements I now have after purchasing your shoes. I appreciate your help!!

Columbia, IL

Hello! Thank you so much for letting me know the status of my order and especially for the discount. I love the personalized service I have received from you company and will continue to tell all my mommy friends about your wonderful business. Thanks again and have a nice day!

Fort Collins, CO

I'd like to say thanks for the great shoes! They are simply awesome. Tommy loves them, and they are just adorable. I'd like to comment on how easy they are to put on, I wasn't expecting this!! I can't wait to buy his next pair; I only wish I had known about them when my daughter was little. Attached is a picture of my little man sporting his new shoes!

Pensacola, Fl

Is it too late to change one item on my order? I'd like the I'm Walking Barefoot Dress Up and Down Navy in leather instead of nubuck. Let me know if that will work or not. Thank you. I enjoyed talking with you today, too. Your company is just amazing! Your service is stellar and your products are matchless.

Edina, MN

Wow! Jeffrey, I'm really, really impressed with the emails you sent me back regarding the shoes I bought for my son. Your company is amazing in a world where I can't seem to find friendly customer service anywhere! Thanks again for all your friendly help! I can't wait for summer so I can buy my son some of your sandals and water shoes!! :)

Howell, MI

Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and great product! You made an exchange/return very easy for me. I will definitely buy from you again in the future. Two thumbs up!!

South Lyon, MI

And what in the world are you doing working on Sunday?? Talk about dedication!! Anyway, thank you very much for your quick response.
Also, just want to join the many others in letting you know what a great product you have. My youngest grandson, Ben, (the one who is getting these shoes), is a real "mover and shaker" and my daughter has always had a terrible time finding a shoe that will stay on this child. Six months ago, a friend told us about Robeez, which do stay on; however, Ben's father has a fit whenever takes him out with the Robeez because, to him, they "don't look like boy shoes". And since we don't want Ben in those stiff, store-bought shoes that remind one of the art of Chinese foot-binding, we were stuck with Robeez. When I brought over Ben's Preschoolians, his dad's comment was "Finally! A shoe that looks like it was made for a boy!" We all got a good laugh out of that but I then realized he was right ... most of the "baby" shoes have a decidedly feminine look to them. Preschoolians are not only good for little feet, they have some fashion "flair" to them. In addition, now that Ben is walking, we've all noticed that he actually walks better wearing his Preschoolians than when he's barefoot (must have something to do with stabilizing him a bit). Now all I have to do now is convince my oldest daughter that her 2-year old son would benefit more from Preschoolians than shoes that light up, and we'll be set.

Sorry for droning on, but did want you to know how much we appreciate the shoes. Looking forward to a long association with Preschoolians.

Felton, CA 

Wow! Wow! Wow! I received my first pair of Preschoolians today and guarantee it won't be my last. As a mother of three kids all who have had/have those pudgy little extra wide baby feet I am so pleased to have a choice of footwear. And the Accu-Fit window on the footbed! What a wonderful idea! No longer will I question myself on the need to buy a size up. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Saugatuck, Mi

By the way, we just love these shoes. He actually walks better and falls and trips less if he has the shoes on than when he is barefoot. Plus he loves to put them on and will ask for them frequently.

Dallas, TX

Thank you for the reply. I will just send the ones that I have back and wait for the new ones to arrive. I am incredibly impressed with the shoes and the service is outstanding. I will definitely be ordering from you again. I feel very confident that these are wonderful shoes for my daughter and that they will wear well. Thanks again.

Wayzata, MN

Thank you so much! We received them and were so pleased that you sent them to Phoenix. The timing could not have been better. The girls wore the shoes all weekend. These are the first pair of Preschoolians our girls have worn and they won't be the last! Thanks again for your excellent service and for providing such a high-quality product.

Los Angeles, CA

First, I want to say how much I appreciate your super customer service. All the e-mails have been very prompt and very nice. I will definitely look to Preschoolians again in the future for shoes, and I have told my sister-in-law and friends about you. We love the shoes and they keep my baby's feet nice and warm.

Cedar Rapids, IA

First of all, let me say, I have been very impressed with your shoes and your customer service. I just ordered my baby girl her second pair of preschoolians- sandles in a size up yesterday and cannot wait to receive them. However, I am sad that the shoes I purchased before still have at least a month worth of growth in them, but the velcro is completely worn out! Can you recommend a way to fix this? The shoes look brand new except for this. They are the I'm walking barefoot- party white style shoes. Thanks for your input-

Atlanta, GA

We received our Preschoolians shoes today and they are just beautiful, and your attention to detail in terms of customer care and how to use them is flawless! We tried them on and they are a little big, but that's okay because she's not walking yet!

Hemlock, MI

I wanted to email and let you know that I LOVE your shoes for my 14 month old son with very chubby feet. The customer service has been amazing and shipping very quick! Thank you for a job well done!

Sacramento, CA

I'm writing to let you know what a great product you provide. Children's' shoes are such a difficult buy. With so much conflicting information out there, it can be quite confusing. You have taken the guess work out of sizing & proper fit. I love the idea behind a "window" to see exactly where those toes are, and inserts to accommodate all the shapes our baby's feet come in. Great Job!!

My sister found your website and must have ordered seven pairs of shoes!! With her order, I bought two pairs for my daughter; a black Mary Jane - they're a timeless classic - and a sport sneaker. I'm so pleased with these shoes, and my daughter seems to be quite comfortable in them.

The pull tabs eliminate the need to "screw" on the shoes, and the fact that they are machine washable. . . I praise you!!

I get many complements when we are out and about from other mothers, and I have only had the shoes for little over a month now. I look forward to the summer when I will buy a pair, or two, of your beach nubucks. Keep up the good work, and Thanx!!

San Francisco, CA

Preschoolians shoes are the gold standard for children's footwear. My two year old son has been wearing your shoes exclusively since he was eight months old. The quality, durability and style of your product is outstanding. Does Preschoolians have franchise or sales opportunities available? Where are your various locations here in the USA? I presently purchase your product in Westport, CT.

Westport, CT

I want to thank you for all of your extra efforts in filling our orders. I can certainly understand that your business has grown so much; we were impressed with Preschoolians prior to even receiving the shoes. The weekend after we received our first shipment (and this is in part why we were so eager to get them on time!), we had 4 other families over for a holiday party, including 4 babies and toddlers, and one on the way. I could not wait to spread the word about these, as we all share the sentiment that the quality of our children's foot ware is a priority. I am happy to report that since that date, I know for a fact one friend has already purchased some for her 2 children and the others are sure to do the same. I further cannot help but spread the word to anyone that I meet that comments on the "great shoes". I understand I am probably going to be adding to the "problem" of a booming business, but you and your product deserve all the recognition and success that you are sure to receive. We will plan in advance for our future orders, understanding the high demand!

Croton-on-Hudson, NY

I love the shoes. I have four kids and have always used stride rite shoes. These by far are my favorite. My baby didn't even seem to have a change in walking from barefoot to shoes. My other children would always walk awkward with shoes on. Thanks.

Reisterstown, MD

Thank you so much for responding to my email. I'm sad to hear you do not have any retail locations. I do love shopping on the internet and I do most of my product and pricing research on the internet before hitting the stores. But most items I like to see before I buy, and the instant gratification of taking home today doesn't hurt either. You definitely have a great product! The best one available in my opinion. It would be wonderful to see Preschoolians in stores specializing in your product and offering the excellent customer service Preschoolians are known for. I am just a stay at home mom, but I would love to bring Preschoolians to the Phoenix, AZ market. If you ever decide to start in retail again, please keep me posted!

Phoenix, AZ

Thank you so much for the exceptional level of customer service you offer. Being a mother of 22 month old triplets, does not lend me a lot of extra time for insuring proper shoe size. Preschoolians exchanged the three pair of shoes I ordered, all in the wrong size, with no hassels or questions. Before I knew it, we had three new pairs of adorable shoes in the correct size. My triplets LOVE their preschoolians. I believe in quality shoes as they can have lasting affects on a todlers feet and preschoolians have more than measured up!! Also, I am so grateful for the generous multiples discount Preschoolians offer. We are able to purchase high quality shoes for our little ones without the extreme expense. Thanks so much for not only building a quality product but also for your generosity.

Monroe, WA

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service and prices. I bought my son a pair of Stride Rite shoes and he cried when I put them on. We also tried Bobux but those wore out in 2 weeks. Aiden loves your shoes. Your prices are great (and no shipping fees).I thought my items were not available but they shipped today!!! Thanks you for a great service. I am very impressed

Milford, CT

I really appreciate your company's wonderful customer service policies. It makes shopping online so much easier. I also really appreciate that you will send out the new shoes before you receive the pair I am sending back to you. I am always so excited to get your shoes (for my son) that I am glad that I do not have to wait. I appreciated the helpfulness of your customer service staff in directing me to styles which are more likely to fit my son's feet. Thank you for going above and beyond. It makes doing business with you such a pleasurable experience. That and you have a great product. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Kittitas, WA

Hello, I am returning Mikayla's (hope I spelled that right) message that she so kindly left on my answering machine. I am on the West Coast, so I wanted to send this email to make sure I connected with her before afternoon on the East Coast.

I am so impressed with your customer service that you would care enough to call me! That you care that my son has no shoes right now because of his shoes breaking- it really touches me. I will be sure to tell all my friends how wonderful you are!

Greensham, OR

I would like to applaud the customer service that I have received while ordering our first pairs of Preschoolians. We found your site on our Twins Magazine Message Board and I was thoroughly impressed by the selection, the ease of measuring my twins feet. My daughter is small for being 1 year old, she fit in the size 16 shoe but it wasn't available in the walker, you were able to specially make a walker shoe in her size at no extra charge. You also offer a tremendous multiples discount, which will be a great financial help. I have not even received the shoes yet, and I am very impressed with the company. We have a monthly multiples meeting in our area and I will be sure to share your company with other families who have multiples.

Fargo, ND

I LOVE your shoes :) My son has been wearing them since he could walk. Now he is 16 mo old. And soon we will need sandals. I noticed you only carry one style of sandal and in my opinion they are not very cute, and they don't look very cool and airy for hot Texas summers. So I will probably have to go to Stride Rite and put my son in "real sandals"! Are you working on any other sandals? I love your product and your customer service. Thank you!-

Dallas, TX

I just received the replacement shoes you sent. Thank you very much. The zippers are so much better and the previous pair, I am very happy with the quality of these shoes. The size is just right for my son at this time, too, not too large, but it still has room to grow.

My son has not worn them yet, but this morning when I wanted to check the fit, at first he did not want me to put it on, but later, when I was dressing him and putting on his Bobux, he wanted me to put on those Preschoolians! He cried when I did not put on those shoes on him. He will get to try them tomorrow ? Thank you again for your excellent customer service.

Murphy, TX

I can't even tell you how excited I am about my son's new shoes!! He's almost 10 months old, and pulling up & cruising around EVERYWHERE. I was starting to get really frustrated with all the other shoes we tried...nothing seemed to fit right, or was so bulky that I was scared of hurting his foot just putting them on. Doing some research, I finally came across your website and decided to give it a try. The shoes came in a couple of days ago (way earlier than expected!) and we just love them!! They fit perfect, go on easy and don't get in his way at all!! I also love all the styles and can't decide on what pair to get next.Thanks so much for a great pair of shoes and an excellent customer service!

Deland, FL

I just wanted to thank you for the very fast shipping to Australia. I received my shoes today and I wasn't expecting them for at least a few weeks. I love the shoes!!

Northmead, Australia

Thank you for your consideration and swiftness handling my difficulties. My son will not tolerate anything but Preschoolians on his feet and I'd like to continue purchasing shoes from your company. It is nice that you stand by your customer service as well as your shoes. Thanks again.

Chaumont, NY

I would have to say that shopping with Preschoolians has been our best on-line shopping experience ever (even though we started off in your Westport store). But because you're offering a free pair of shoes, I do have one small suggestion.....your webpage didn't convince me that your wonderful company was all that it really is - I guess it doesn't look very professional to me. I heard about Preschoolians through a parents club that I belong to (MOMs of Lower Fairfield County) so I knew that it would be great - the Moms don't fool around! But, if I were just browsing the internet and came across your website, I don't think that I would have tried them.

Madison, CT

Wow! What Super Customer Service I just received. I recently called because my son lost a shoe while we were out shopping and after spending over 1 hour looking for the shoe, it was never found. I called to see if I could possibly order a replacement right shoe because your shoes fit my sons very wide feet perfectly! and the phone rep advised me she would send another pair and I just needed to return the left shoe back to Preschoolians. Wow In today's world this level of customer service is unheard of. I was then talking about getting another pair for my son's twin sister taking advantage of the discount on buying mult pairs, and she then told me of your "twins" policy. I just needed to fax the twins birth certificates into your company for a very special deal of buy one get one free. Lets just say that I shall be ordering all my twins and my 3yr old sons shoes from your company for a very long time. Your company should be very proud of the high level of customer service you provide your customers! You don't find that anymore, but you have now earned a lifetime customer that has many little feet to shoe! I even called my mom, husband, and mother-in-law to tell them about my great experience. Thank you very much!

Wilmington, DE

Thank you both for your replies letting me know that you have processed my request and sending me the order number. I very much appreciate your attention and the great customer service. We look forward to receiving the boots.

Cambridge, MA

I hope you enjoyed your holidays. I wanted to let you know that Sydney is enjoying her Preschoolians! I am so glad I went with the watch me stand design, she is now all over the place. With the holidays and all the first birthday parties she is getting a ton of compliments on her shoes. I was wondering if you still had an interest in some NYC representation. I have so many opportunities to let people know about your product and have been doing so. I just hope it benefits you guys. I truly think you have a great product. It actually drives me crazy to see other shoes on babies...

New York, NY

I am going to send back one pair of the shoes I ordered. They are the pink zip up Nubuk Flower. My daughter's foot is too wide at the base. They will not zip up--even with the wide inserts. I would like to exchange this pair for the I'm Walking Barefoot in White in a size 20. These shoes are a God send. Stride rite only carries one shoe wide enough to fit her foot. I really didn't know what I was going to do. I cried tears of joy the first time I put this shoe on my daughter's foot. They are so much more comfortable on her misshapen foot. The Stride Rite shoes make her feet look huge. These shoes look normal on her feet and are much cuter. I am so glad my mother introduced me to your product.

Spring, TX

Thank you so much! We received them and were so pleased that you sent them to Phoenix. The timing could not have been better. The girls wore the shoes all weekend. These are the first pair of Preschoolians our girls have worn and they won't be the last! Thanks again for your excellent service and for providing such a high-quality product.

Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for the shipment of the shoes. They arrived just in time on Thursday morning for Taylor to have the black patent leather ones for her photos. Please tell William thank you for getting them out to me so quickly.

Atlanta, GA

Thank you for the reply. I will just send the ones that I have back and wait for the new ones to arrive. I am incredibly impressed with the shoes and the service is outstanding. I will definitely be ordering from you again. I feel very confident that these are wonderful shoes for my daughter and that they will wear well. Thanks again.

Wayzata. MN

I hope my note finds you all well. I wanted to tell you that there was no inconvenience whatsoever! Not having to go to the store at all made up for any error, especially as it was my own! You asked me if I had any ideas on how to make things easier, and while I assume you were referring to the shipping and shopping process, my suggestion has to do with the design of the shoes. Let me start by saying that your shoes are wonderful and show quality workmanship blended with a truly ingenious design. My idea is merely to add a small pull-tab to the neck of your boots (as these are the only shoes I have of yours I can only apply it to them.) However, I am sure most shoes would benefit from a pull-tab especially if they are being applied to an unruly foot! My son sits still well enough for me to put the boots on but it is hard to get the neck of the boot over his winter sock-clad heel. The wool fabric is a bit slippery and it's especially hard to get a good grip when it meets resistance. That is my only suggestion as everything else about your shoes and shopping experience is exemplary. Thank you for your time and for having such a fantastic product.

Huntersville, NC

Thank you so much for your excellent service! We received the new shoes today and they're wonderful! Thank you!

Shenorock, NY

Thank you for your response. The post office did indeed finally deliver today. So at this point I am only waiting on the waterproof bootie which Jeff said should have shipped last week. You have an excellent product and customer service to match. The only shoes Piper has ever worn have been her now 5 pairs of Preschoolians. When she tried on the new boots she exclaimed "COOL" - her new word. Thank you.

Potomac, Falls

I am overwhelmed by Preschoolians level of commitment to their customers. As you suspected, the shoes did arrive today. They're great. I look forward to the second pair that will arrive via DHL as well! I have already gone online tonight and purchased two more pairs. Going forward, I will no longer buy Robeez. In this first transaction with you, you have already earned my loyalty. I will also be sure to pass along my thoughts about Preschoolians to other parents. Thank you and have a happy and safe new year!

Chicago, IL

First I would like to thank everyone who helped with by delayed shoe order. I received the replacement order shipped via DHL on Monday, 27 DEC 04 and the original priority shipment via USPS on 28 DEC 04. From my prospective, I would switch carriers to someone more reliable such as DHL, FedEX, or UPS. I am retaining the shipment received on Tuesday and returning the original shipment received on Tuesday under the "honor system". Thank you placing your trust in people, it not often a company does this. We like the shoes very much, and plan on purchasing more in the future. Again, thanks for your help and trust. . .

New Baltimore, MI

Thank you. Despite the exchanges, I have found it a very nice experience working with your company. Nothing beats good Customer Service! I will recommend you to other parents.

Baltimore, MD

Thanks for handling all this totally enjoying the shoes - I hope you make larger and larger sizes as she grows! She's never worn another brand...

Santiago, Casilla Chile

I can't tell you how thrilled I am with your shoes and now the snow boots. I feel like I'm a Preschoolians evangelist--I testify about these to everyone! Everyone asks me about my daughter's shoes. Everyone comments on what a great walker--even runner--she is at 14 months. I had gone to a shoe store here in NYC and got her fitted and almost bought expensive European shoes even though she was stumbling in them. But it just didn't seem right to me. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to fit her in shoes I couldn't try on her, and she has such big and wide feet that I didn't know if your shoes would even fit since at the store they said entire brands wouldn't fit her at all with these wide feet. But your wide insoles are perfect. And I am just over the moon about the new snow boots. They are so great! Everything else I looked at was so big and stiff and heavy, and though my daughter wears a pretty big "toddler" size (22) she's still a baby and I really didn't want to put her in boots that would limit her movement or be uncomfortable. She got really excited as soon as she saw the boots, and wanted them on immediately. She loves them, and I love the fleece lining. These are just great. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making them. Thank you too for your patience over the phone and online--you guys have always been incredibly helpful. My only concern is that you start making bigger sizes! Thank you again!

New York, NY

After much research for extra, extra wide shoes for a very hard to fit one-year old foot, I found Preschoolians and ordered the IWB Traditional Lace White Pastel at the suggestion of your customer service department. I received my granddaughter Macy's first pair of Preschoolians today and promptly called my daughter to come over with Macy for a surprise. When they got here, my daughter was delighted with the shoes and Macy had never had such an easy time putting shoes on. Her extra wide foot went right in and she didn't try to take the shoes off. Macy started walking about a month ago, so my daughter took her for her first pair of Stride Rite shoes. Since her foot is very, very wide with toes a bit spread out, there was only one shoe that came close to fitting--an XXW traditional high top white leather shoe. Even as good as it is, you can still see where it rubs Macy's foot on the bone of the big toe and at the sides. My daughter was rather distraught with the lack of appropriate shoes for her baby. When Macy started easily walking around today in her cute new soft shoes and when my daughter saw the wonderful selection of shoes, she just burst out crying. She felt like her prayers for shoes for her daughter had been answered. I took her to your website, and she promptly ordered two more pairs. Thank you so much for your service, but especially thank you for the shoes! A Happy Meme!

Humble, TX

Our 15 month old daughter (and her parents) loves her Preschoolians shoes. We rave about them to everyone we meet and believe a few of your customers have come your way from our testimonials. If you ever need local distributors of your product, I would definitely be interested. I live in Seattle, Washington, USA. Thanks so much.

Seattle, WA

Thank you so much for getting my replacement shoes out so quick! I could not wait to put them on Xander's feet. When I put the first shoe on him he just got up and ran across our tile floor and he got so excited. He just kept running back and forth across the tile and laughing. I put the other shoe on and he actually began to dance. And he was saying tap, tap, tap. He seemed to like the pitter patter of his own feet. Anyway, he wore them the rest of the afternoon and was proud to show them off to his Daddy when Daddy arrived home. We absolutely love the shoes! I can't wait to buy another pair. The hardest part will be deciding what cute style to buy next. You've got yourselves a customer for the duration of my children's early years.

Charlotte, NC

I'd just like to thank Jeff and the Preschoolians staff for the indescribable customer service that was provided with my most recent order. After a bit of confusion concerning my original order, during which time I was sent the wrong pair. I was sent a complimentary pair of shoes to use while waiting for the pair I had originally ordered - that was now backordered. After speaking with Jeff and then Melissa shortly after at 4pm MST, I received the new pair at noon the following day. I have never dealt with a friendlier or more happy-to-help company before. The Preschoolians Company will definitely have my business again. Needless to say, we think the shoes are terrific. My son has gone from tripping and falling down every time we put shoes on him, to cruising along everything just perfectly with the new Preschoolians.

P.S. You have my permission to edit as needed and to use this letter for whatever purpose can benefit your company.

Phoenix, AZ

Hello, well as luck would have it the shoes that were shipped out the 14th arrived today. I must say I LOVE THEM!! My daughter has them on right now and is running around the living room yelling "oooo pretty shoe!" The fit is great and she is walking in them like she is not wearing anything on her feet. Far better then her tripping and falling like she does in her other pair. Since the other pair that is on there way are different I would like to purchase them as well. You mentioned on the phone about a discount so just let me know what the total is and I will pay for the new pair.

I would like to comment on how wonderful your customer service is. Thank you so much for all of your help and for sending out another pair. I know I will not be buying any shoes for my daughter anywhere else! Thank you again!

Chula Vista, CA

So far I'm thrilled with the shoes. The Stride Rites I bought just didn't fit my daughter's wide feet, and they weren't nearly as flexible as the Preschoolians. If I ever get around to it, I'll send you some video, if you'd like. I took video of what I thought would be her first steps in shoes, but she couldn't walk at all in the Stride Rite. It was horrible. Convinced they were the wrong shoe, I did some research and found Preschoolians. I then took video of her in her new "I Can Walk" shoes, and she just trotted across the room with a big grin on her face. That was all it took to convince me.
Thanks for all the effort you went to researching what was going to work for me and my child. I'll let you know how they hold up!

Ashland, VA

Hi, I received our order of the I'm Walking barefoot shoes and I have to say that they are just amazing. I love them and they seem to be really comfortable for my son. Other shoes seem to have made red marks on his feet and would seem uncomfortable. Now with the cold weather, I can put heavier socks on him and know that they are not going to make him uncomfortable.

I am writing for a request. I originally looked at your site in the interest of the ICW Lace Primary Multi in the catch me if you can series. These shoes are too advanced for my son now, but I loved the color combination and I was hoping it would be in the I'm walking barefoot line. Do you make anything in that color combination? Do you plan on it? Did I miss it and it's not made anymore?
Thanks again for such a great product!

Farmingdale, NY

Hi...just ordered our second, third and fourth pair of Preschoolians...We love them! It was so hard to find good shoes to fit the chubby feet of my 14 month old. Your shoes did the trick! He went from stumbling to running! We tell him it is time to get dressed and he brings his shoes to us! He likes them as much as we do! Thanks for the great product!

Beverly, MA

So far I'm thrilled with the shoes. The Stride Rites I bought just didn't fit my daughter's wide feet, and they weren't nearly as flexible as the Preschoolians. If I ever get around to it, I'll send you some video, if you'd like. I took video of what I thought would be her first steps in shoes, but she couldn't walk at all in the Stride Rite. It was horrible. Convinced they were the wrong shoe, I did some research and found Preschoolians. I then took video of her in her new "I Can Walk" shoes, and she just trotted across the room with a big grin on her face. That was all it took to convince me. Thanks for all the effort you went to researching what was going to work for me and my child. I'll let you know how they hold up! Thanks for the great shoe!

Ashland, VA

I just wanted to thank you again for getting the brown shoes to Justin so quickly and for working so kindly with us. Also, I have been having Justin wear the other blue shoes and he has not fallen once! I even sent him to daycare with the blue shoes and he did fine today. The teachers are "stumped". But, I just wanted to let you know that and also to let you know that we absolutely love your company. The quality of your shoes and the wonderful service we receive keeps us coming back. We are due to have our 2nd in the next 48 hours and she won't be wearing anyone else's shoe but yours!

Elkridge, MD

I received my Preschoolians today. I have to say that I am impressed, amazed, and completely satisfied with your shoes! I was shocked at all the gadgets that came with them. I was able to accurately measure my boy's feet, and find the correct foot bed to match. I have never had a pair of shoes fit their feet more precisely! I was pleasantly surprised to find the shoes in my mailbox tonight, only two days after they were shipped! You have an outstanding company and I look forward to doing more business with you! I also want to thank you for offering a twin discount. It's extremely hard on a mother to physically, mentally, and financially support twins. We, twin parents, appreciate your extra effort to help us with that aspect. I have spread the word on how satisfied I was with your shoes on several twin message boards I frequent. Thank you for such a pleasurable experience!

Ravenna, OH

Just had to tell you that we LOVE Kelsey's new shoes!! I am thrilled that with how adorable they are and especially with how comfortable they seem. Kelsey just charges around in them, even the Mary Jane's. My only worry is that with so many cute styles, how do I stop myself from buying them all? Seriously! It's taking all my will power not to buy those new snow boots and a pair of pink Mary Jane's, or maybe the red ones and you can't go wrong with a white pair...ok, must stop. It was great speaking with you! I am sure you'll be hearing from me when it's time to get the next size up for Kelsey. In the meantime, thanks for the fantastic customer service! What a pleasant surprise to get the 2 pair of shoes that I thought were backordered until 12/2. Now Kelsey can wear a pair for her 1st Birthday Party this weekend.

San Mateo, CA

This was my second purchase from Preschoolians and I am very pleased. My 17 month old son loves his new shoes. He would not let any salesperson even put regular shoes on his feet. These go on with ease and we love the viewing window. The customer service is phenomenal. Thank you!

Cedarville, NJ

I can't thank you enough for the generous gift you sent us! You certainly have the best customer service of any company I've ever dealt with! I've attached some pics so you can see how much my daughter, Charlotte, loves her new Lycra Mary Jane's. She will certainly be wearing them on Thanksgiving, and I can't wait for the rest of our Preschoolians to arrive.

New York, NY

You guys are AWESOME! We love the shoes!

Hillsdale, MI

I checked my mail yesterday and no shoes! I would really appreciate your sending out another order. I will definitely return the pair that comes last. Can you do that through this email or should I call the order line? I want you to know how impressed I am with your company. The courtesy you have for your customers is wonderful. I will be telling all my mommy friends about you. If you need anything else from me please let me know.

Troy, PA

Good Morning. I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for all the help in ordering Zachary's first two pair of Preschoolians shoes. We love them so far! He has started walking and I feel as if his progress is related to the new shoes.

Windsor, CT

Recently when I emailed regarding concern about my BB Sale order, you asked that I "please have patience we will take good care of you." I want to thank you, because you and your employees took very good care of my friend and I. We both have daughters who have medical issues and are very difficult to fit with shoes, so when we found out that you are discontinuing the largest sizes, we decided to stock up. I was horrified when I realized that I had ordered the wrong colors for several pairs. Michaela (not sure of the spelling) handled my panicked phone calls very professionally, understood my babbled directions as to what we really wanted, and the order arrived today, absolutely correct. She also calmly dealt with me adding another pair to the order and having them shipped to a separate address. I apologized for my mistake and thanked her for correcting it numerous times, but please thank her again for me.

I would be remiss if didn't also mention that I've spoken with Will on the phone and instant messaged with him, and he has handled my questions professionally and my concerns with great sympathy.

In short, you not only have a great product buy wonderful employees as well. Thank you for everything. I hope you decide sometime in the future to come out with line of shoes for older children.

Ashland, KY

Just want to thank you for sending the new pairs of shoes so promptly. We are ecstatic in the theory behind your shoes. Our granddaughter looks like she is walking on air. I'm sure we will be one of your best advocates.

North Miami Beach, FL

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We received my son's "I'm Walking Barefoot" shoes last week and he's wearing them! Although he's been walking well for a few months, he hadn't been wearing any of the other shoes we bought him (even the expensive ones!). He would just stand in them and cry. But as soon as we put on his Preschoolians, he looked at them for a moment and just started on his day! They are so flexible but sturdy enough to take the wear and tear of a toddler boy! I just wanted to send a sincere thank you from this formerly-frustrated mom!

Perrysburg, OH

I received my son's shoes today and they fit him well. Yesterday was Veterans Day and the USPS was closed and that's the reason I got it today. I am sorry I sounded very anxious to you on the phone. The only reason I was anxious was that I wanted it on time for my son's birthday. Your customer service is excellent. Your website is very comprehensive and great, it answers all your questions. Thank you very much for your service.

North Andover, MA

Thank you so much. Preschoolians are a bit more than what I would typically pay but the customer service that is offered on top of the great quality of shoes is well worth it. Thank you for all of your help.

Christiansburg, VA

I just wanted to let you know that these shoes have made quite the impression on me. I stumbled upon them while looking for an appropriate shoe for my newly walking daughter. I liked the idea of the Robeez, but needed something that could be worn indoors and out. I found these at Knees and Toes in Healdsburg, CA. They were so very wonderful there and sold me on them within one minute. I came to your web site and was amazed and pleased by all of the styles and the diversity of the styles. As soon as the wonderful woman in the store put them on her I was so pleased at her ability to walk in them. I went to Stride Rite and got her shoes, but they made her stumble and she would throw a fit whenever we put them on. With her Preschoolians, she lets me put them on with ease and walks wonderfully. I belong to a message board for moms and moms to be and I have sold them all on the shoes. Several of the gals have already placed their orders and a few are still deciding on which ones to buy. I tell all the moms at Gymnastics and any of our other groups as well. I have bought several pairs for the 3 baby showers I have attended in the last month. These shoes are the greatest thing we have found so far and I sincerely doubt we could find a shoe that was better. I have no need to look any further. My daughter will be one this December and we are going to Hawaii for a wedding and her she will need the cute little white sandals to wear in the wedding, and of course cruising the beaches and such. I better get on the ball and order them for our trip. I just wanted to let you know I am spreading the word to anyone who will listen and I really love your shoes. I wish I could buy them all :)

Windsor, CA

I just wanted to say thank you again for expediting my shoes. They are here and everything is great. I appreciate the good service and quick response. I look forward to buying again.

West Palm Beach, FL

I can't tell you how wonderful this is. I love these shoes and so does my baby. This is my third child and these are the best shoes that I have ever had for any of my children. Everyone who sees these shoes are so impressed with them I recommend them to all my friends. They are as good as they look. Thank You For the great service and fantastic shoes

Rochester, PA

Thank you! I was just in the process of mailing out some pictures of my little shoe hound (well, actually a barefoot lady bug in this picture) to friends and family and thought I should send one to you so that you can see the little one that loves your shoes so much! Can't wait to get her new ones!

Atlanta, GA

Today was Elizabeth's first day in the shoes and so far so good. The fit seems good (I think I measured fairly well). What a difference from the Stride Rites that I bought as a substitute for her party---she couldn't walk in them at all--the soles are much too stiff---so they're going back!!!

Kennebunkport, ME

I have to tell you, we absolutely love these shoes. We have hardwood floors in our home and during this time of year barefoot isn't not an option (too cold) and socks are too slippery on the floors! My girls have their shoes on as soon as they get up in the morning and they are worn until bedtime at night!

Buhl, ID

We received the two pairs of shoes last week and absolutely love them. The fit the boys perfect and they seem to like them too. The boots even were great at the pumpkin patch this past weekend. Thanks for all your help. I will definitely be back to order their next shoes.

Clinton Township, MI

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Preschoolians I recently purchased for my granddaughter. This is a little one who hates socks & shoes of all kinds, but loves these (white nubuck sandals)so much that she brings them to me to put on. This is great as the cooler weather is now upon us. Thanks for offering such a great product.

Branford, CT

Edie and I have daughters the very same age. She was excited to provide me with information about the Preschoolians shoe and how my daughter, Talia (14 months) can benefit from the quality of your product. As she pointed out, my Stride Rite shoe caused my daughter to take her first steps as Miss Frankenstein! Edie assured me the shoes that her daughter has is not only like walking barefoot but that her daughter refuses to take them off and loves them! I am sold! I look forward to ordering a pair on Friday of this week. Edie was kind enough to steer me in the right direction of which shoe (even emailed me pictures) to get.

Lastly, I think the window at the bottom of the shoe is a fantastic idea and will certainly help mommies and daddies to determine if their children need a new pair or just want to be picked-up allot!! I will keep you posted on my daughter's progress with her new Preschoolians!

Northborough, MA

I am on my daughters 3rd pair of Preschoolians. She's had 2 pair of the I Can Walks and now is in her first pair of the Catch Me if you Can's. We LOVE them. Your company has been amazing and the customer service has been excellent.

Cedartown, GA

I wanted to take the time to thank you for your Excellent Customer Service. Very rarely do you deal with people in the service industries that are willing to go the extra mile to assist a customer. That's what keeps them coming back. I commend you for your attention to detail and flexibility!

Weehawken, NJ

My 11-month-old son has been walking for about 1 month now, so he is still fairly wobbly. He loves to try on his older siblings' shoes or my shoes, but of course they don't fit. We bought him a pair of regular early walkers at another specialty shoe store a few days ago and he tried walking in them and was immediately frustrated because he couldn't balance properly, and he cried as if they were also uncomfortable (although we had fit them at the store - we're returning them). Then I heard about Preschoolians and ordered a pair of the Velcro barefoot walkers - he was so excited when we put them on he was able to walk just as well as if he were barefoot. He looked so proud of himself, and he walked around in them for quite a long while. The Preschoolians are by far the best first shoes I've ever seen, I wish I had known about them with my older kids. I love the window in the bottom and the Accu-Fit sizer to make sure they fit right, and they are so easy to put on even though he curls his toes, and I love that they are washable. And they're even less expensive than the other shoes we purchased. We're going to keep him in Preschoolians for a good long while. Thanks for a fabulous product. I will definitely pass it on to my friends who also have infants and early walkers.

Dallas, TX

I just wanted to let you know that I love these shoes! My son has exceptionally wide feet and I despaired of ever finding anything that would fit him at all. I was very skeptical when someone told me about Preschoolians, but your excellent return policy helped me to take the plunge. I'm so glad we did! They fit him beautifully, and they're adorable, too. My son loves wearing his shoes and brings them to me every morning, and I am relieved to have finally found shoes wide enough for my son's sextuple-E feet. Thank you so much! My kids will be in Preschoolians until they outgrow them.

Cooper City, FL

I just wanted to drop a note thanking you for your great shoes and wonderful customer service! Baby loves her WMS shoes! She walks around so proudly and keeps showing Mommy and Daddy her feet! She seems very comfortable in her shoes and has never tried to take them off. The customer service representative took the time to look at the stock available in the store when we couldn't order what we wanted online. The shoes arrived much sooner than expected! Many thanks to the folks at Preschoolians! We'll be sure to recommend your shoes to other parents!

Petersburg, KY

We just received our shoes today and what can I say....WOW!!! We love them. Not only are they adorable!!! But the quality looks great. One question...our bigger twin son is now in size 21 WMS but I really think he could or will very soon need a 22. He doesn't walk yet so I wanted to keep him in the WMS stand collection. Are the rumors true that you will be making bigger sizes??? Oh please oh please!!! Let me know as I would like to order more soon. Thanks for making such a great product!!!

Bloomfield, NJ

I absolutely love the shoes that we have. More importantly, Meg loves them. She brings them over to us to put on for her now. I'm really looking forward to the next pair though because of the zipper. You will be our shoes for a long time to come!

Lino Lakes, MN

Just want to thank you again for all of your help with getting my shoes shipped! I am thrilled that it all worked out, because we really love these shoes...Ava actually likes to wear them and tries to put them on herself...her stride rites she spent most of her time trying to get off! So, we will be back for fall shoes, and I hear that you'll be coming out with some new styles which I can't wait to see! So...thanks again for getting all of this resolved and your great customer service! These are my kind of shoes!

Marshfield, MA

First I want to say thanks for the WONDERFULLY products. Our daughter is now 15months old and just loves the shoes. What Lead to buy Preschoolians: Our daughter started walking at about 9.5 months. About 3.5 months ago, we we're getting ready for church and she was wearing a pair of those adorable shoes that our wives and grandparents love to buy because they're just so cute. As we were getting ready to leave my daughter tripped and whacked her head on the railing. I could tell it was because of the shoes because she normally had no problems. As we were leaving church, she was running on the sidewalk and stubbed the front of the shoes which led to another spill. At this point my blood was boiling; any spirituality gained during church was definitely gone. I knew it was those stupid shoes (sandals in this case). So when we got home I looked at the shoes, you might as well have strapped sheets of 3/4" plywood on her feet. At this point I took matters into my own hands. I searched the Internet for hours, reading many articles that barefoot is best, and that soles should be soft and flexible, and how the early years in a child's development greatly shape the future of the foot. I then proceeded to do the flex test on all of her shoes. I'd say out of the 12 - 15 pairs of shoes she had, 2 passed the flex test. Then I came across Preschoolians and the rest is history.

Newport, PA

Good Morning! I got my first Preschoolians order yesterday, and I'm so impressed and happy with the shoes. We've found our shoe brand now! Thank you for having such flexible shoes and for being aware that kids need that for their developing feet. It's SO frustrating as a parent to not be able to find the things that are best for you child!

Carlsbad, CA

Hi there, we recently purchased our first pair of Preschoolians for my 2 year old son, who absolutely loves them! They are the best shoes he has ever had!

Fort Lewis, WA

Thanks so much! I really appreciate all your help and hand-holding. They are the cutest shoes--as is the test pair. My daughter didn't want to take them off and just wanted to walk around the house, pleased with herself. :>

Overland Park, KS

I was scouring the internet for info on different types of toddler shoes. My husband is an engineer and EXTREMELY picky about buying the latest/greatest products (especially for our son). I stumbled on Preschoolians and was immediately impressed. I sent your URL to my husband and he just was ecstatic! He finds fault with 99% of products (especially baby products) and he has only raved about the Preschoolians shoes. Every day our son has worn his Preschoolians we have had inquires from parents eager to comply with pediatricians advice to stay away from hard soled shoes but nervous about the leather, slipper style shoes that leave little feet unprotected from the elements. As our son's daycare teacher said, "These shoes just have it all".

Ypsilanti, MI

Just wanted to say that we love our shoes! Nate likes to look at them and stands a lot more! Also, I wanted to comment on your outstanding customer service. There was a mix up with my first order, and they could not have done anything better to fix it! I really appreciated the phone calls and the correct shoes were right out to me! We will be purchasing more from you in the future! Again, thank you!

Rocky River, OH

As I mentioned on the phone, I'm impressed with your shoes as well as with your service. I will continue to buy your shoes for my son as long as he can fit in them and have recommended your product to several other mothers.

Chicago, IL

I ordered my son his first pair of Preschoolians last month & he wears them everywhere! We love them! Although I really wish the Watch Me Stand were available in a bigger size. At 11 1/2 months my son is already in a 21. It is a great shoe & I would recommend it to anyone for a new walker.

Phoenix, AZ

Received our shoes yesterday. Love the quick shipping!!! The boys have been wearing them for two days now and are doing great in them AND keeping them on! I am very happy with them. Wish I had found your company sooner. Riley definitely will need the 22's when they come out as his toes are already half way to the top line. Just wanted to let you know that we got the shoes and are very happy with them. I'll definitely be a return customer!! Thanks again for all of your help.

La Center, WA

Just want to email you to say Thank You for another fabulous purchase from Preschoolians! This is our third pair of shoes. I just shared my love for your shoes and company in a post on the Denise & Alan Field's Toddler Bargains discussion board to a mother wanting to purchase shoes. Hopefully we can convince some more parents to try out your fabulous product! Keep up the good work!


I just wanted to let you know that I was pleasantly surprised when our shoes arrived on Monday (after placing my order on Friday!) - what quick service! The kids love them! I can't believe how lightweight and comfortable they are - perfect for active twins! I was so excited with the shoes that I took them to our twins club meeting to show them off to everyone last night! You will likely be seeing more orders soon! Thanks again for your excellent service and your wonderful shoes!

Livonia, MI

I just bought my 13 year old daughter her first pair of shoes from your site. She turns her foot outward while walking, so I was looking for a shoe with good arch support. I was anxious about her first day wearing them because I ordered a somewhat snug fit and had to contact you about proper sizing with socks. Imagine my surprise when after I took the shoes off, she brought them back to me and gave me her foot! She and I both love the shoes. Thank you for your site!

St. Louis. MO

Hi! I ordered a pair of shoes a couple months ago. First of all, we love them! I have other brand shoes that my 18 mo. old won't wear. She points to her Preschoolians and demands to wear them every day!

Manteca, CA

I am writing to you to let you know how relieved I am that I finally found such a great shoe that fits like a glove. My daughter is 2 years old and wears a brace on her left leg due to a disability and with your shoe it makes it easy for her brace to fit in without me buying two different size shoes that do not even fit as well as your shoe. It is the best made shoe that I have ever seen and what also is so great about it is its flexibility, viewing window, machine washable etc. I will recommend this shoe to anyone I will keep the word around.. You also have so many different styles to choose from!

New York, NY

I got my shoes today. They are GREAT! I have posted about them on my twin boards and some other boards I am on. I hope you get lots of orders. I really love these shoes. Thanks also for your excellent customer service!

Corpus Christi, TX

Thank you so much for the help that you provided. Caroline's shoes fit great, and they seem to give her the support that she needed. I have tried other well-known brands, and the Preschoolians are by far the BEST! Thanks, and I will be ordering more soon!

Jacksonville, FL

While I'm not one to write letters, I couldn't in good faith let this go. Thanks to a direct marketing campaign which delivered a shoe sizer and company profile to my door, I was introduced to Preschoolians.

Since then, I have had the pleasure of dealing with your store in Westport, CT, and each occasion was an absolute joy. When you say 100% satisfaction, you're not kidding! We first purchased the Watch Me Stand shoe. The representative was very honest and sincere--Loved the shoe.

Several months later, on Christmas Eve within minutes of the store closing, we arrived to purchase an I Can Walk shoe. We picked the style we wanted, got measured, but discovered that the size my daughter needed was not in stock. They let us “borrow” a shoe for the holiday to be returned the day after and ordered her correct size. We also purchased a different pair that visit for everyday that we wore out of the store. The shoe we ordered was to ship a few weeks later; however, when I followed up to see why I hadn't received the shoe, I was unfortunately made aware of a later delivery date than originally promised. To make good on the situation, I was offered a similar pair of shoes free of charge to replace the shoes we had previously picked.

I applaud your commitment to customer service. It is extremely rare to find this quality in a company any more. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Thanks to your wonderful attitude, along with an excellent product, you have a customer for life!!! Or at least until we reach your largest sized shoe!!!

Stamford, CT

I have received the shoes I ordered for my Son. They are PERFECT. I love the style, color, and size and I LOVE the window at the bottom so I can check for the fit. It makes me feel so comfortable. I am happy I found your shoes and wanted you to know that I am another very, very satisfied customer and will be returning soon for the next pair. Thanks again for all of your assistance. You have a wonderful company and you should be very proud.

Cold Spring, NY

I'm so glad you wrote! I am happy to have the opportunity to tell you how much we LOVE Preschoolians! As I wrote in that blog post, they are the only shoes my active toddler, Daniel, has kept on his feet. They almost seem to grow with him as he's had them a while and they still fit beautifully! They go on so easily and I feel confident that his feet and ankles are properly supported and that they fit (I love the Visu-fit window). As someone who has recently developed foot problems, I wish your shoes came in my size!

Nashville, TN

WE LOVE THE NEW SHOES!!!!! Thanks for your help! Matthew loves "dancing" on the tile floor...and does it every time we put them on his feet! You are the best!

Londonderry, NH

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I have now washed my daughter's Preschoolians now for the second time. They are wonderful!!! This is the first shoe that my daughter has left on her foot. She absolutely HATES the other shoes I have tried on her, but she will actually bring me her Preschoolians in the morning for me to put them on her. She even holds her foot out for me! Not bad when she is only 15 months old. I have now told my family about them and they are waiting on their first shoes to come from your company. I have also told the other mommies at my school and they are excited too. One of my friends received her son's shoes and she is as thrilled as I am. Thank you for making such a wonderful shoe.

Bridgeport, CT

I apologize for the length of time it has taken me to respond to your unexpected and extremely generous gift of two pairs of shoes. Alexander and Jackson, my 17 month old twins, keep me quite busy. Thank you, thank you!! As it is, your incredible policy regarding multiples has already saved us money and now free shoes!

Your product is fantastic and your staff has been extremely helpful and responsive. The manager of your Westport store is lovely to work with and immediately rectified the improperly laced shoelace problem. I have told many of my friends with young children to run, not walk, to Preschoolians. I am so glad to have found you. Thank you again and I will be bringing my boys to your shoe store for as long as they can fit into your shoes.

Westport, CT

Let me begin by saying that I love your shoes. I visited the Westport store while staying with my parents and tried a pair out (two months ago). Since then, I have referred two of my neighbors and another friend to your online store and they are planning to buy some shoes. One of my neighbors was offered a 20% discount on her first order. I was wondering if you have any referral benefits programs or if you would extend the offer to me on my next purchase. My daughter has had the beach sandals for 2 months and is already outgrowing them. I am interested in purchasing the white and pink Mary Jane's. In addition, if you would like me to offer a testimonial, I would gladly participate. I already advertise at our Gymboree classes and tell everyone about Preschoolians (that is tell everyone who will listen). Thank you for a quality product and thank you in advance for your time.

Valencia, CA

I received my shoes today! I love them...and your service. Your business is going to completely go nuts! Your product is fantastic, and so are you!

Unknown, Unknown

I am amazed at your customer service. I can tell you now that I will be a loyal preschoolians customer as long as they fit my children. I am VERY brand loyal especially when it is a great product, and more importantly, great service. I really appreciate your help. I am so happy that I am going to buy another pair for him now!

Milford, Connecticut

I got the shoes (on her birthday-Halloween) and I love them, but I needed to exchange a pair, and I got it today. I love your company, you made everything so painless, and talk about fast shipping!! Well, here is a more recent picture of Alessandra, on her birthday, in her PRESCHOOLIAN shoes. I still can't believe how she NEVER tries to take them off!! I love it, and apparently so does she!! I am so happy I found your shoes and I love dealing with your company.

Levittown, NY

I absolutely love them! I'd bought my daughter a pair of stride rite shoes, a brand I'd always liked, but now that my daughter has worn Preschoolians, she hates the other shoes! I can't say that I blame her, as stride rite shoes seems so inflexible and confining in comparison. I am a very satisfied customer and will spread the word to my friends about your fabulous shoes.

Washington DC

Sorry it's taken me so long to send this but we got the shoes - LOVE'EM!! - and they fit great! Best part is that Eric can put them on himself! They are wonderful shoes - he loves them and we love them. They look great on him and fit perfectly. I haven't decided which insert is best yet - right now he is wearing the mediums. I love the style and the color and am anxious for the pull tie tennis shoes to be available for purchase. I have also told everyone I know about these wonderful shoes!! Thank you again!! Now if I can just get them off his feet and into the washer.....

New Berlin, WI

I wanted to tell you how much we LOVE the shoes! I can't tell you how many people I have told about them. I already have my mom lined up to buy my son his first pair of I Can Walk shoes!

Hillsdale, NY

Just letting you know that 10-month-old Abigail's seventh word is "no". Why does this matter to you? Because the first time she said it was when we tried to take her Watch Me Stand shoes off her! Thanks again so much for the great product and customer service. Even my podiatrist and chiropractor approve of Preschoolians brand shoes!

Unknown, Unknown

First off, how can I thank you?? We love the shoes and the great service!! All I can say is Thank you thank you thank you. We love the shoes and I really appreciate all the help. I can't wait to put them on my son!! Thank you so much!!

Unknown, Unknown

I am a VERY satisfied customer with the recent purchase of the Watch me Stand shoes I bought for my son. Everyone LOVES the shoes. People stop me in stores to ask where I got them, and the internet bulletin board I post on (which is where I learned about you) went CRAZY for them. What a well thought out product.

Taunton, MA

The crawling and the Watch Me Stand shoes arrived today. I couldn't be happier with them. The crawlers are the greatest shoe invention I've seen. The Watch Me Stand shoes are, as expected, too big for my son, but will most likely fit before he learns to walk. Again, thank you so much for all your help. I have never before received such excellent customer service from any business, and have recommended you for all my friends and family with young children.

Hiram, GA

Got the shoes last night... there was no need to FedEx them, I'm a patient mommy I could have waited for regular mail! Anyway, I love the all white shoes; I actually think that I like them more than the white/primary! They'll go with everything I put him in, which is good because his Preschoolians are the only shoes he'll wear. The other morning he actually came crawling to me with shoe in hand, like "you forgot to put these on, mom". It's weird, before these shoes he'd throw a fit about anything on his feet- even socks sometimes- and now he just sits on my lap like a big boy when I'm putting them on and never complains once about them. Now I'm trying to talk my hubby into letting me order a pair of shoes for my older daughter (she's almost 3). She's recently become obsessed with a pair of dress shoes she has, and I know they can't be good on her feet.

Also, I want to thank you for taking such good care of my friends from Baby Center. Every day there's a new post about how amazing the customer service is, how they can't believe the quality of the shoes, what a great guy you are. These mommies really appreciate your company, and I know that you've made lifelong customers (or at least as long as their kids fit your shoes!) out of many, if not most, of them.

Thank you again for your attention, time, and incredible company. If I can EVER help you with ANYTHING, let me know. I swear I could sell these shoes to anyone I'm so pleased with them. Every time I run into someone I know with kids I tell them about the shoes and show them the Visu-Fit sole. My husband thinks I'm crazy, but oh well! LOL

Unknown, Unknown

I can't even begin to express the complete exhaustion that I experienced in trying to find a pair of shoes to fit my 17 month old son. For weeks, I went through pairs of Stride Rites, Nike, Buster Brown, etc...Nothing fit those pudgy, high instep toddler feet, which may I add is the only feature he received from my gene pool!! Then I found Preschoolians at White Marsh Mall in Maryland. What a difference!! I felt like crying when the salesperson put them on his feet. It was almost as if the shoe was custom made for my son!

White Marsh, Maryland

After we got back to Manhattan on Sunday, we went to the Fairway grocery store in the Upper West side and the woman in line behind us spotted Isabel's new shoes. She immediately asked where we got her Preschoolians in that style saying the only ones she had seen were the white ones at Harry's. She was PASSIONATE (even more than us) about your shoes so we filled her in on your store and what a great experience we had ordering on the website. Looking forward to getting Isabel's next pair of her ever growing collection of Preschoolians shoes.

New York, NY

We just bought our twins their first Preschoolian shoes. I want to thank you for making a great shoe, and running an honest and caring business in an age where that is not the norm. My daughter is very petite with a tiny, narrow foot. Every shoe we have purchased in the past has not fit and has affected her ability to walk well. Your salesperson offered great advice on how to get the best fit for our daughter. Keep up the great work and congratulations on your four star business!

Stamford, Connecticut

I just received a pair of Watch Me Stand shoes in the mail for my eleven month old daughter. I was worried that the size I ordered was wrong, but the clear window on the bottom proved otherwise. They fit great! I will definitley be shopping with you again! The customer service is top notch, as I ordered and received my shoes within five days (I live in Alaska). I love this company!

Chugiak, Alaska

My fifteen month old son has a wide foot and I had trouble finding him a pair of shoes that would fit and were comfortable for him. After some searching on the Internet, I came across your site and was very impressed by the services you offered: the Accu-Fit and Visu-Fit are the best to check for a correct fit. I bought a pair of Preschoolians for my son and not only does he like to wear the shoes, but he also likes to show off to his friends. Overall, I am impressed with every facet of Preschoolians and plan to do all my shoe business with you!

Holland, Michigan

Your shoes have been a godsend. My daughter is a very active child and it is comforting to know that the development of her feet are not being hindered by shoes that are too rigid or too small. I am a former dancer and know only too well how the movement of your feet can affect your entire body. The slip-on shoes we purchased are very convenient. As you probably know, it can be very difficult to tie shoes on a squirmy toddler. So far she has not figured out how to take them off by herself (which was my concern). Thanks!


I want to thank you and the gentleman that helped me order Matthew's shoes. I received them on Saturday and I'm so pleased with both pair. The size 19 has room for him to grow and he does really well walking in them. Both pair is so well made, they are exceptional shoes and exactly what I had in mind but couldn't find them in the stores. I like the idea of removing the inside liner to see where the child's foot is. Who ever designed these shoes knew what they were doing. Again, thank you for such wonderful customer service and for helping me make the right choice. I will recommend your shoes to everyone I know with children.

Trumbull, CT

I feel so fortunate to have been referred to you. My sixteen month old daughter just received her first pair of Preschoolians and we're already big fans. The quality of your shoes is unlike anything I've seen even at the high end shops. I am impressed with the details you've considered to take the guesswork out of whether my toddler's shoes fit - from the custom width to the Visu-fit window. Your further consideration of arch support, a heel pillow, flexible soles, and the Achilles cushion should make your shoes number one on every mom's list. Not to mention your fabulous selection of styles and colors - I had a hard time choosing just one pair!
Previously, I counted on places like Nordstrom to fit my daughter properly. Little did I know the sales rep was off by two sizes! Thank goodness I found you in time. You were able to fit my daughter over the phone from across the country and ship her shoes for free (you even enclosed an extra pair at no charge to ensure we sized my daughter properly). Customer service like that is unheard of. You really raise the bar.
Your combination of impeccable quality, style and customer service has made me a devotee. I've since referred several girlfriends from around the country to you. If they're smart, they'll be shopping at Preschoolians too! I cannot thank you enough and look forward to many happy years as a Preschoolians customer.

Carlsbad, CA

Yup, you guessed it, this is just another one of the'quick notes' that one of your extremely satisfied customers felt compelled to write. Our son, Jacob, loved his first pair of Preschoolians, second pair, his new sandals, and he will soon be into his fourth pair! Thanks so much to you and your staff for not only helping us to make an informed decision about Jacob's footwear, but for also standing behind the products 100%, like it says it the mailings!

Ansonia, Connecticut

"I am very happy to see that someone has designed a flexible shoe for young children. The "viewing" window is an awesome feature. I purchased these for my 13 month old and he will grow into them soon. We went a little large because we had just purchased some shoes for him a few days earlier. Had I seen your shoe first, I would have never considered the other shoe. Anyway, they seem very nice and I can't wait for him to wear them, if I could return the Stride Rites I'd do it today. Thank you again and I will tell everyone I know with little kids about these shoes."

Hampton, Virginia

I really want to thank you for the level of customer service you have offered to me. It is so refreshing in this world where customer service has disappeared to find a company that still believes it is important. I am disappointed that the shoes we ordered were not ready for our trip, but I am completely satisfied in how you handled the situation. I have my own small business as well and understand that problems can come up. I also try to offer my customers a superior level of customer service - so your response to this situation has been very impressive to me. I had told many people about your shoes before this happened, and I will tell even more of my friends what a fabulous product - and company- you have. A friend of mine is opening a children's shoe store in Newtown this summer and I have told her about you. There are many of us in town who hope she will carry your shoes, if not; I will continue to shop at Preschoolians in Westport. Thank you again for your amazing response to my situation. We love your shoes and look forward to continuing to be Preschoolians customers!

Unknown, Unknown

I just wanted to drop a quick note to you to express my appreciation for the Preschoolians shoes for toddlers. You have certainly taken the guesswork out of sizing shoes for my little boy. I was told by many friends several months ago that I needed to purchase shoes for Jewels. Although I agreed with these people, I was afraid to admit that I didn't know how to purchase shoes for a child. That is until I received your card by mail and visited your store.
I am very impressed with the lady in your Westport Store, unfortunately, I cannot spell her name. She is not only very knowledgeable, but extremely personable; I could have easily spent a few hours in your store. I most definitely will be back for summer shoes for my little one. Thanks again for making, strong, comfortable support shoes that are washable.... what else can a Mom ask for?

New Canaan, CT

Dear Jeff,

I want to thank you for creating such a wonderful product. I searched high and low looking for a shoe with arch supports AND some ankle support. Your shoes have it all. My daughter was beginning to walk and we noticed that she was turning her ankles in and walking with her toes turned out. With the arch supports and the straight (not peanut shaped) shoe design almost immediately I noticed a difference in her walk. I particularly like the fact that there are inserts to adjust to children's feet widths. She has narrow feet and narrow sized baby shoes are VERY hard to come by. Thank you! Everything about your shoe is God sent!

San Jose, California

I just washed and dried the shoes for the first time and they look brand new. I love these shoes and my son walks in them with such ease, unlike some shoes that are too stiff for his little feet. Thank you for creating these shoes they are just what I have been looking for: stylish, comfortable, reasonably priced and rugged! I want a pair for myself!

Woodbury, Connecticut

I am a mommy of a ten month old boy and I found out about your company while reading a message board. I was reluctant to purchase shoes on the Internet and decided to pass on your great deal. This past month, however, I was visiting family in Connecticut and took a trip to your store in Westport. I was not only impressed with the shoes, but also your great staff. Your staff took great care and time in fitting my son with just the right shoe to fit his feet. You cannot find this type of service anywhere. I am kicking myself now for not jumping on such a great Internet deal, but I am so glad that I experienced first-hand what a great store and company you have. Thanks so much Preschoolians!

Orlando, Florida

I just wanted to reaffirm how impressed I am with your dedication to perfection. It is remarkable to me that you are concerned enough about you're the retailers that sell your product and their compliance will Preschoolians' protocols that you called me personally to find out how my service was in the Mayfair Mall in Wisconsin. This effort would demonstrate a significant commitment to detail at any time of year, but the week before Christmas, it is astonishing. If every company exerted that kind of effort and attention to quality and unfailing customer care, consumers would be the overwhelming beneficiaries. By the way, I can assure you that both of the people who helped me at Stride Rite-Mayfair did an excellent job of instructing me on how to purchase and use your shoes. In both cases they advised me to purchase your shoes over the Stride Rite brand alternatives when I asked which was the better shoe.
Just thought that I would let you know how much I appreciate your dedication to service standards. Even though I don't have children of my own, I will purchase your shoes for the little feet attached to those I love. Thanks again.

Mayfair, WI

Just want you to know that these shoes are great! They are the only shoes that really fit my one year old. He is in size 6 1/2 triple E. Your shoes are really flexible and he can get around more easily. Thank you for bringing this shoe to stride rite.

Unknown, Unknown

I am very happy to see that someone has designed a flexible shoe for young children. The "viewing" window is an awesome feature. I purchased these for my 13 month old and he will grow into them soon. We went a little large because we had just purchased some shoes for him a few days earlier. Had I seen your shoe first, I would have never considered the other shoe. Anyway, they seem very nice and I can't wait for him to wear them, if I could return the Stride Rites I'd do it today.
Thank you again and I will tell everyone I know with little kids about these shoes

Richmond VA

Hooray for Preschoolians!! I tried from Sears, JcPenny and Stride Rite (and I thought they had everything!) and found nothing to fit. I was frustrated until I went to a high quality shoe store. THANK YOU for the clear window on the sole because we were able to see the length in the shoe which showed us the shoes fit perfectly. I immediately said "I'll take them" not knowing any other information about this shoe. Then I learned I had a guarantee, they are machine washable and dryable and I was amazed to find different width sole inserts. I could not get over the flexibility of the soft leather shoes and my most favorite was the "No scuffing." I will give these shoes my highest recommendation to others. They are wonderful!

Ruther Glen, Virginia

I just want to reaffirm how impressed I am with your dedication to perfection. It is remarkable to me that you are concerned enough about your vendors and their compliance with Preschoolians' protocols that you called me personally to see where the error could have occurred. This effort would demonstrate a significant commitment to detail at any time of the year, but the week before Christmas, it is astonishing. If every company exerted the kind of effort and attention to quality and unfailing customer service, consumers would be the overwhelming beneficiaries. Just thought I would let you know how much I appreciate your dedication to service standards. Even though I don't have children of my own, I will purchase your shoes for the little feet attached to those I love.

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

I just bought a pair of your shoes for my 12 month old son. His first pair! Before this he wouldn't even wear socks, now he begs to have his shoes put back on. He is a size 20 and has an extra wide foot. The shoes fit perfectly! We chose the primary multi; very cute. I'm a pediatrician, so I understand the importance of shoes that fit well. Thanks for providing them.

Oakland, California

Our one year old daughter has a wide foot and a high instep and is a shoe hater. We purchased a size 19 in the pastel multi colored shoes and put in the wide innersole. We did not even take her to the store because she doesn't let the salespeople near her feet. She didn't curl her toes and the shoe went right on. She seemed more comfortable than she has ever been in shoes. We look forward to buying more Preschoolians.

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