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Can I return my Preschoolians shoes?

Any style can be refunded if returned within 2 weeks of receipt. The shoes must be in clean, unworn condition and in the original packaging. We will provide return postage on request for returns being shipped within the United States. The original shipping charge is not refunded, and $5 will be subtracted from the price of the shoe as the cost of handling and re-stocking the return.  For international customers, as you are paying the return shipping charge, we will refund the original shipping charge (for those items being returned) and will still deduct the $5 handling fee. Please note that charges on your credit card bill and statement for Preschoolians will appear as Jeffrey Silverman Creations.  Please note for Design Your Own shoes, as these are specially designed by you for your child, these cannot be exchanged or returned.

Can I exchange my Preschoolians shoes?

If you receive a shoe that is not to your liking, please contact us within two weeks and we will send you a prepaid USPS postage label to get the shoes back to us. The shoes must be in clean, unworn condition and in the original packaging. Please note for Design Your Own shoes, as these have been specially designed by you for your child, no exchanges or refunds are permitted.

Place a new order for the style, color and size you want and once we receive the old shoes back you will be credited back the full amount. Please indicate the new order number on the return slip.

Of course, if the shoe does not arrive back or the shoes come back and are worn, we will need to charge you for it.

Please note for customers outside the U.S., you will have to pay the postage to ship shoes back to us for an exchange. We will refund back the full amount, including original shipping charge (for international customers only), when we receive the shoes for exchange.Please note that charges on your credit card bill and statement for Preschoolians will appear as Jeffrey Silverman Creations.

How do you clean Preschoolians Shoes?

You can clean the shoes by placing them in the washing machine in cold water and using a mild detergent. We suggest you put a balled up sock inside the shoe to help it keep its shape. You may also put the shoes in the dryer on a low setting. Do not wash pink, red or purple nubuck as these color shades in nubuck material may fade or run on clothes.

What is the difference between the Running Jumping Barefoot and the I'm Walking Barefoot?

The Running Jumping Barefoot shoe is six times thicker than the I'm Walking Barefoot. The RJB shoes are meant for toddlers who need a little more protection on the bottom of their feet.

How do I know which footbed to use?

The shoes come with the medium footbeds in the shoes. Leave them in and run your fingers across the ball and instep area of the shoe. If the material of the shoe is pulling or feels tight, put in the wide footbeds. If the material is bunching or feels loose, put the narrow footbeds in the shoes.

Which shoes do you recommend for wide feet?

The best shoes for wide feet are the Euro Velcro, Sportster Velcro, Sport Stretch Slip On, Warm Up Velcro, Sport Mary Jane, and Fly Girl T-Strap.

Do you have a multiple discount? And how do I get one?

Yes, we have one of the best multiples discount out there!! We offer 40% off the entire order for families with multiples!!!!!!!!! To get the code please email us at with a picture of your twins, triplets, etc. and we will email you back a code which will reduce the price of your order by 40%. (You can buy any 2 styles colors or sizes) The shoes must be purchased in multiples of two (2, 4, 6 etc) If you have twins, in multiples of three for triplets. If you intend to buy more than 2 or 3 pairs, let us know by email.

Why is my credit card charged when I place the order?

We charge the credit card when the order is placed because all our shoes are made to order. This is in keeping with standard policy where something is being made for the consumer to charge the card when the making begins.Please note that charges on your credit card bill and statement for Preschoolians will appear as Jeffrey Silverman Creations.

Why did my order take so long to get to me?

The way that we are able to offer the largest selection of soft soled baby shoes for indoor and outdoor use is because we make the shoes after you order them. We have a unique manufacturing process which has the shoes made in 48-72 hours. The shoes are then shipped with other orders from our factory in the Far East to our office (this is a 3-4 day process) and then shipped from our office to you. (the last step is 3-4 days) We hope you will agree that the short wait is worth it. If you absolutely have to have shoes in a hurry call us at 1-800-998-1322 and we just might have what you are looking for.

Why is that I do not get e-mail from you or my e-mails are not replied to promptly?

We send out several types of e-mails. Some are based on your purchase for order confirmation and shipment notification. Others are to notify you of special offers, promotions or new news. Another is to remind you to check the viewing window on the bottom of the shoes to make sure it is or is not time for a new pair. We also reply to all emails Monday to Friday within 12 hours and the ones from Saturday and Sunday on Monday. However, if is not added to your address book, there is a chance our efforts to reach you will not work because the email will end up in your junk mail folder. Please add it to your address book and you will be sure to hear from us.

Should Preschoolians be worn with socks?

Preschoolians are designed to be worn with or without socks. This means that the inside of the shoes is made with materials that would be friendly to the foot. Please keep in mind that when measuring the foot you should measure with a sock if the shoes will be worn with a sock and without a sock is the shoes will be worn barefoot. In addition feet in general perspire and young children's feet perspire more than adults. One of the benefits of socks is to absorb perspiration. The shoes can do it but not as well as socks. This is why most of our shoes can be machine washed and if worn without socks you will want to do this more frequently. Please check the washing instructions and follow them carefully. Some colors and materials should not be washed.

Can Cover My Foot styles be worn without the footbed?

Yes the style is designed to be worn with or without the footbed. The footbed gives extra softness once the child begins to stand.

I have a discount code but where do I put it?

On the "YOUR SHOPPING CART" page enter the code in the discount code box in the lower right hand corner, then click the "Apply Discount" button. If it does not work, email the code to and we will be happy to assist you. Please be sure to add to your address book to make sure that our emails to you do not end up in your junk e-mail box.

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