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Guaranteed Proper Fit

Preschoolians has a very important guiding principle that separates us from all other footwear companies. We believe that a parent is the person best suited to make the final decision on when and how a shoe fits. The simple fact is that no sales person has as much invested in measuring and fitting accurately as you do. Our job is to educate you and then arm you with the best tools to get the job done properly. This is why we have three tools that you can use in your home. All are easy, fast, accurate and believe it or not fun to use.
Preschoolians and Photo Fit

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If you have a smartphone, we can guarantee the fit of the shoes youorder will always be right when our shoes arrive at your home. In fact, Preschoolians has the largest selection of styles, colors and sizes in the world. There are literally billions of choices. Some of our shoes are made to order and take 2 weeks from the time you order to arrive and others are always in stock and ship the day you order. When you use Preschoolians Photo Fit, we will make sure the shoes you order have the proper amount of room for growth when they arrive - taking into account the measurement (from the photo) and the length of time for your order to arrive.
Visu Fit is a clear panel which allows the toes to be seen when the footbed is removed from the shoes. The first line (see green arrow) is around where the foot should be when the shoes are purchased. When the toes go past the second line (see red arrow), this is an indication that a new pair is needed.
Accu Fit is the free measuring device that we invented. This device is superior to others for several reasons:
It is designed for the child to be measured in the seated position facing the person who is measuring.
All feet stretch when weight is loaded; our device knows this and takes this into account.
It is easier to measure a seated child as they will be more relaxed and still.
As it is important (with any measuring device) that the heel is resting in the heel cup, the heel can be seen thru the device in the heel cup.
Unlike other measuring devices where the child is to be standing and the heel needs to be "pushed" into the heel cup (which is not very endearing to the child), our Accu Fit is to be raised up against the foot.
We make the device and the shoe so when our Accu Fit is used the foot will always be around the first line on Visu Fit for a perfect fit.
Our Custom Girth system allows for the width/ girth of Preschoolians footwear to be customized to your child's foot by you or your salesperson. Most shoes are fitted by measuring just the length and width of the foot. This covers two dimensions. Feet occupy three. This third dimension is called girth. To make sure shoes fit all 3 dimensions we use a system of custom fitted footbeds. When the correct size footbed is inserted, the toes have enough room to wiggle freely.
Once you know that a shoe fits properly, it is also important that a shoe is very flexible to resemble barefoot walking. 100% of pediatricians suggest that, if possible, a child would go barefoot however, they also note that it is not possible as a result of sharp objects like glass, rocks, tacks, tree roots or even toys on the floor- so a shoe which is very flexible is needed. To learn more about what makes our shoes more flexible than any other in the world click here Barefoot Flexibility.
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