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Measure From Home: Four Ways To Measure

At Preschoolians, we know better than anyone the importance of getting the shoe size right.
That's why we give you 4 easy ways to measure your child's foot:

  • Our e-PHOTO Fit system in 3 easy steps
  • Our Visu-Fit transparent panel on the bottom of our shoes for existing customers
  • Our inches-to-Preschoolians conversion table
  • Our AccuFit measuring device

We believe that a parent is the person best suited to be responsible for fitting a child's foot. The simple fact is that no sales person has as much invested in an accurate fit as a parent does.

1. e-Photo Fit System


If you have a smartphone, you can take a photo of your child's foot and have the size in minutes.
Click here to use e-Photo Fit

2. Visu Fit Window on Preschoolians Shoes

Visu Fit is a clear panel on the bottom of all Preschoolians shoes which allows the toes to be seen when the footbed is removed from the shoes.

The first line (see green arrow) is around where the foot should be when the shoes are purchased. When the toes go past the second line (see red arrow), this is an indication that a new pair is needed.

This revolutionary fitting system was named one of Time Magazine's Coolest Inventions of the Year.


3. Inches-to-Preschoolians Conversion Table

With your child seated and facing you, using a regular ruler, measure both of your child's feet from the heel to the longest toe. The conversion table allows you to convert that length in Inches to a Preschoolians shoe size. Please note to measure from the back of the bottom of your child's foot (as per the yellow arrow in the photograph) rather than the part of the heel in back that "juts" out.

Inches-to-Preschoolians Conversion Table Child Foot

4. Accu Fit Measuring Device

Our AccuFit measuring device was specially designed for measuring a child's foot.

Simply click here to order your AccuFit measuring device for $1.00 and we'll send you one immediately.


All four methods will provide a very accurate measurement. All of our devices are designed for your child to be seated and not standing. We know the foot stretches in the standing position and we take this into account. We believe a seated child is easier to measure properly. All of our devices also add the proper room for growth so you should not add anything to the size.

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