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Why Preschoolians

Pediatricians agree. Barefoot is Best for foot development. Unfortunately, keeping your baby's feet warm, clean and protected from sharp objects is equally important. With these two thoughts in mind, we have developed the most flexible, comfortable, well-fitting shoes for every stage of your child's developmental period.

Barefoot is Best

As good as barefoot. Read more about what makes Preschoolians the most flexible shoe in the world.

Barefoot is Best

Heavenly Comfort

At Preschoolians, we have designed shoes with your child's foot in mind. We ensure that all sensitive areas of the foot are touched by very soft materials. We also take into account a child's perspiration rate and where their feet flex. Find out more about what makes our shoes so comfortable.

Foot bed

Guaranteed Fit

Children under the age of 5 years old cannot tell their parents if their shoes are too tight or loose. We believe that no one is better suited to check the fit of a child's shoe than their parents. That is why we aim to give you the tools needed to measure your child's foot from home, easily and accurately. Learn more about our custom measuring tools and guaranteed proper fit.

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